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boytouching rules, ok!

we like boys who touch...

we like men who touch...
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boy_touching is a community to bring together those who like to see men touch each other. In that kind of way. Originally conceived by superba and nomorebravery, the community has grown to become LJ's most popular location for m/m enjoyment.

We are sibling community to girltouching (for the ladies) and hardcore_bt (for the more NSFW content)

We are now a closed community. In order to join, you need to:

» Make sure you read the rules listed below. This is important, people.

» Join the community. An email will be sent to the moderators and, so long as everything checks out, we'll add you to the group.

If you cannot follow simple instructions (lj-cuts, tags etc.), do not join until you can.

#1 Please do not hotlink. If you want to post pictures, please use your own webspace to host them, and don't link them directly from the site you found the pictures on. Free photo hosts aren't that hard to find - try Photobucket, Flickr or Tinypic.

#2 Although we refer to this brand of homoeroticism as 'boy' touching, the men featured in your pictures must be over the age of 18.

#3 When posting, please use the lj-cut. You may post one small to medium-sized image before your lj-cut as a teaser, but otherwise all pictures, videos and articles should be tucked away behind an lj-cut.

#4 PLAY NICE. We do not tolerate fighting, fandom wars or anything of the like. If you have a problem with harassment or fighting in the community, please contact eve_n_furter. If you harass other members, you will be banned.

#5 This is not a dating or rating community. Any posts with this theme will be deleted a warning will be issued to the poster.

#6 This is not a community for gay porn. The idea behind this community is to have pictures that have homoerotic undertones. Pictures kissing, holding hands or other physical interaction, or pictures that make you 'wonder' are permitted. This is not the place for posting gay porn. (Our definition of "gay porn": Any picture featuring full-frontal or otherwise gratuitous nudity or explicit sexual activity.) Any post with such content will be deleted without warning. We have younger community members watching, so please keep it tasteful. The moderators reserve the right to remove explicit material. If you're looking for the NSFW material, visit our sibling community hardcore_bt.

#7 If you post anything off-topic (see 'Yes/No') we will take away your posting privileges.

#8 If you wish to promote a new community or website (including role-play or RPS), you may only do so if it includes a good hearty element of boy-touching. any promotional posts that do not relate to boy-touching will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

#9 You must use appropriate tags whenever you post an entry. This makes it easier for like-minded people to find relevant posts. Familiarise yourself with the tag format before you start posting, as repeated failure to use tags will result in your posting privileges being taken away. (Guidelines | Tag List)

* Pictures: * Pictures:
- Obvious boy-touching - Porn (see Community Rules)
- Sneaky boy-touching - Pictures of men on their own
- Implied boy-touching - Dating/rating posts
- Funny boy-touching (eg. odd search results)
* Slashy quotes from magazines/tv shows/etc. * Fan fiction (no matter what the subject matter is)
* Fan art
* Thoughts on boy-touching * Anything off-topic
* Links to related LJ communities/sites * Links to off-topic communities/sites
* Pro-GLBT announcements/articles

Community Owner: eve_n_furter

Moderators: qwijybo and eralkfang


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